Mascot and Logo of the Match 

    The official logo and the mascot of the forthcoming World Championship Match have been approved.

 The Head of the Republic of Kalmykia, H.E. FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, has approved the official logo and mascot of the forthcoming World Chess Championship Match between Bulgarian GM Veselin Topalov of Bulgaria and Russian GM Vladimir Kramnik which will be held in Elista in September-October this year.


It is not the first time during the chess events organized in the capital of Kalmykia (first was the Women’s Chess Championship, when a little baby saiga - the unique animal (the steppe antelope) whose dwelling are the steppes of Kalmykia – becomes the official mascot. In the steppe republic the saiga is the symbol of Kalmykia.

 The designer of the logo is well known Kalmyk painter S. Badendaev. The only exception was the 33rd Chess Olympiad in Elista in 1998, when another cute inhabitant of the Kalmyk steppes, a little baby camel, was the official mascot.

 Alexander Zhukov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation and President of the Russian Chess Federation, is co-Chairman of the Topalov-Kramnik Match Organizing Committee together with FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

 According to the Mr. Valery Bovaev, Vice President of the Russian Chess Federation, almost everything is ready for holding this historic match.

Kalmykia has a rich experience in organizing top-level chess tournaments such as the Chess Olympiad, World Chess Championship Match Karpov-Kamsky, Individual Chess Championships of Russia etc. This is good enough reason to assume that the forthcoming Match will be held on a high organizational level,` Valery Bovaev emphasized. All necessary preparations have been made for the warm welcome of the participants and their delegations. Special premises in the City Chess have been prepared where the match participants and their assistants will be staying.

 Moreover a cultural program has been approved for the rest days of Veselin Topalov and Vladimir Kramnik.

 `Each delegation will have their own personal cooks, security guards, cars and cultural programs`, noted Bovaev, and there is also the plan of the FIDE President to hold a meeting of the FIDE Presidential Board during the Match in Elista. One more interesting detail of the forthcoming Match is that the Grand Masters will be playing on the same table and with the same pieces used by Anatoly Karpov and Gata Kamsky ten years ago. Presently these relics are being displayed in the City Chess Museum. The Dutch Geurt Gijssen will be the Chief Arbiter; he also served as the Chief Arbiter during the Karpov-Kamsky Match.

 `In the middle of July, the official representatives of the two great chess players will visit Elista in order to approve, together with the Organizing Committee, all the technical issues of the forthcoming Match,` added Valery Bovaev.

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